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Incredibles 2
It's been 14 long years since we were blessed with the awesomeness of the Parr family and their superhero alter-egos. It was worth the wait. INCREDIBLES 2 is fantastic. I took my 8 year old daughter to the early screening of this film. She is a much tougher critic than I am and she loved it. She even told me she wants to see it again. I don't think she has ever asked to see a movie a second time. I mean, this is the girl who didn't like FROZEN! (I told you she's tough). ...
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This may be the sleeper hit of the summer. I was hoping it would be funny and exciting, but I got so much more than I expected. This is a spectacular film that runs the gamut of emotions. It is fun and funny. You will be fully entertained and laughing hard throughout the whole film. The pacing is perfect. It never feels like it is dragging or skipping over things. The acting is well done, and the chemistry the leads have is some of the best I've ever seen on screen. The best part...
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I'm sure it was no accident that this film was released on the 35th anniversary of the release of SCARFACE. It's obvious the director was hoping to make a SCARFACE for a new generation. So, if you want to know what this movie is all about, just imagine SCARFACE. Now imagine SCARFACE being a terrible flick with some really bad acting, embarrassingly bad dialogue, and a ridiculous plot with one-dimensional bad guys. Now you have SUPERFLY. The good news is that if you see this poor attempt at a drug lord movie, you'll get...
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Won't You Be My Neighbor
If you grew up watching Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood this is a must-see documentary. It will bring back a flood of memories and give you new insight into the show and the man that was a true friend to millions of children. It is a beautiful, powerful, and emotional film that will have you laughing until your jaw hurts and crying until the tears are all gone. In a time in our world where so many devices are begging for our attention and people are so easily divided over issues and politics, the simplicity and...
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Ocean's 8
One of the main things that has made the OCEAN'S franchise great to this point is that all of the characters bring something unique to the story. Even if they are only on screen for a few minutes, they make a mark and they make you care about them. Unfortunately, that dynamic did not translate to this film. While the acting is great and the story is a lot of fun, the characters seem to fall flat. With the exception of Anne Hathaway and Helena Bonham Carter, I never felt any connection to the other characters. ...
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This is, straight up, the creepiest movie I have ever seen. As I watched it the hair on my arms and neck stood up. I felt chills several times. Basically, I was completely freaked out. While this is a horror film, it isn't a scary movie per se. Yes, you will jump a couple of times, but that is the extent of the scares. This is much more along the lines of the true horror genre. It makes you think one thing and then it takes your brain, squeezes it in a vice, then gives it back...
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Hotel Artemis
Every story has already been told. We've heard that so many times it has become cliche. And while it may be true on a basic story-telling level, it doesn't give people the authority to write stories in worlds created by other people. Imagine if someone wrote a story about sisters and one had the ability to freeze things, or a bunch of magical kids all go to school together near London. We would be yelling at the screen saying, "you stole that idea!" HOTEL ARTEMIS is about as close as you can get to...
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First Reformed
FIRST REFORMED clocks in at about 110 minutes. For the first 80 minutes I was intrigued, I was entertained, and I was ready for a fascinating finale. Then the last 30 minutes happened and I still have no clue what the heck happened to this film. It was compelling and emotional and then it went so far off the rails that it was impossible for me to go with it. One of the things I really liked about this film is that it deals with the issue of the destruction of our planet via human pollution in...
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Action Point
When I went to see this movie I was totally in the mood for stupid humor and wild antics. I walked out 90-something minutes later completely disappointed. This film is so bland, boring, and lame I could have taken my grandma to see it and she would have thought it was somewhat adorable. I want a Johnny Knoxville flick to give her a heart attack, not make her want to pinch his cute little cheeks. First of all, there are very few "Jackass" style moments in this movie. Maybe six or seven good ones. And of those,...
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This is an interesting story with some intense drama, but there is only so much drama that you can squeeze out of a disabled boat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. There are times when the story feels like it is moving as fast as a 30 foot wave. Then there are times where it feels like the plot is dragging along like a yacht floating with no direction in a sea of misery. Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin do some great work with limited resources, and I'm sure the true story gave them some interesting...
Adrift New
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This is nothing more than a poor man's sci-fi flick. It tries to be futuristic with innovative tech and flying machines, but they didn't have the budget to make any of it look good. The futuristic cars look like they are painted plywood, and the cop cars look like entry-level Kias. The story is interesting, but the execution is terrible. Some of the acting is nearly unwatchable, and the cheesy dialogue makes it worse. To make matters worse, all of the kill shots are overly gratuitous and gory. It felt like the people in charge knew they...
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Solo: A Star Wars Story
As with all of the other STAR WARS movies that have come out in the last few years, SOLO had a lot of bad buzz flitting around Hollywood for months. The directors were replaced, there were re-shoots, there was turmoil, the story wasn't any good, etc. Some of it was true, some wasn't. But, just like the other STAR WARS films before it, this one is great. The only problem I have with the film is in the first 20 minutes. While there is a lot of great action and interesting story elements playing out, there are...
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Show Dogs
I spent the last 10 days at a film festival surrounded by film makers with brilliant ideas for movies that will never see the light of day. Then I go to the theater and see SHOW DOGS and wonder how on earth something like this makes it to the big screen in wide release. It is truly baffling. I took my six year old to see it and she was way more interested in her popcorn than the movie. I felt the same way. It's formulaic, barely funny, there are way too many...
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Deadpool 2
Deadpool has made a triumphant return! While the first Deadpool movie was extraordinary, this one falls just short of that glory. It is still amazing and better than 90% of the other movies out there, but it feels like we are covering some of the same ground with this movie. Sure, there are a million different jokes about male anatomy, but once you know Deadpool is willing to go there it gets a little tired after a while. The story is compelling and well-told. The villain is outstanding and his mission is not only...
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Book Club
This film is a tale of two emotions. The first 70 minutes are incredibly funny and smart. Then the movie doesn't just slam on the brakes, it insta-stops and switches to something that tries to be heartwarming and dramatic. There isn't a single memorable laugh for the last 30 minutes of the film. Aside from the pacing issues there are several scenes that look like they were, shot with green screen technology from the mid-90s. One of the Los Angeles landscape scenes looked so fake I swear it was a painting. And the filtering done to soften...
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