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I can't recall being this bored or non-caring about a movie in a long time. It's less than two hours long, but it felt like it lasted so much longer. The plot was terrible, the pacing was off, and there was no chemistry between the characters.

It got so bad at one point that I mentally checked out of the movie for about 10 minutes. I just sat there in a daze not paying attention to anything that happened on the screen. And I have no desire to go back and see what I missed.

MARVEL is usually so good at plot, I don't understand why this one got away from them like it did. The only thing that happens in this movie happens at least five different times and none of the characters learn from it. By the second time it happened we should have seen growth from some of the characters and a plan coming from others. Instead, we have to endure the same thing again three more times.

The whole film was dreadfully slow as well. When there wasn't action on the screen the time was filled with monotonous conversations where everyone feels like an angsty teen, but refuses to let the emotion take over.

It was also way too serious. I know the content of this particular film made it a much more serious story, but good grief, give us some comic relief. I can recall only one joke in the whole movie, and it was a throw-away line that wasn't very good. AVENGERS: ENDGAME was a very serious movie as well, but it had a lot of comedic moments. It can be done. This movie just chose not to do it, and that was a mistake.

There isn't any way I could recommend seeing this movie, but if you've already seen the others in the series you might as well check this one out, too. For those of you that haven't seen the other X-Men films, just skip this one.
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