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Two years ago we were treated to a fantastic reanimation of The Addams Family, it was fun, funny, and even dark and twisted for the adults. Now the family is settled in and ready to go on their first road trip.

When someone says "road trip" there are typically only two reactions. One being, "Yeah!!!!! Road trip! Let's do this!" The other being, "I have to spend how long in that cramped car with all of you?!?"

Walking into the movie I was really hoping to have the first reaction. 30 minutes in I realized I was the grumpy teen sulking in the back of the car and planning the slow, torturous death of everyone contributing to my misery.

I'm not sure how this franchise fell off of the rails so fast, but it did. The first film was fast paced, filled with great physical comedy and tons of laughs for the kids, and way more laughs for the adults. This movie took that winning formula and threw it out the window, then drove us to the Grand Canyon.

It's slow, the story is not compelling, and it is barely funny. I saw it with a bunch of families and there was one moment where people laughed out loud. One. That's one expensive joke if you bring the whole family to the theater.

You'd be better off waiting for this one to release digitally. You aren't going to miss anything by waiting a few weeks.
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