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Rated: R
Release Date: February 26, 2021
Director: Lee Daniels
Stars: Andra Day, Trevante Rhodes, Garrett Hedlund
Plot: An undercover drug agent gets too close to Billie Holiday during a sting operation
Clint Says: Wait for the streaming price to come down


(Streaming exclusively on Hulu)
If you are unaware of Billie Holiday, I highly encourage you to do some research into her life and legacy. She is nothing short of a national treasure, but she also had to deal with many demons in her life. Many of those demons were forced on her by some of the terrible people that surrounded her, some of the demons were self-inflicted. 
This film centers around one of her most powerful songs and how the U.S. Government went after her to try to stop her from singing it. If you have never heard "Strange Fruit," you should give it a listen. It makes perfect sense why this was a black anthem, and why the 1940s Government wanted to get rid of it and Miss Holiday.
Based on all of this, one would think this would be a very dynamic and suspenseful film. Unfortunately, it is nearly the opposite. It is slow, drawn out, and flat. That doesn't mean the film is all bad. It has several incredible moments. But overall, it lacks intensity. 
Andra Day does a nice job playing Miss Holiday, and her voice is simply stunning, but the script she has to work with doesn't lend itself to a compelling character arc. It's really too bad, because this story could have been something special. 
This is a good movie, but not one worth paying premium pricing to see. Wait until it is available to stream for free. You'll be happy with your choice once you see it. 

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Rated: PG-13
Release Date: February 26, 2021
Director: Florian Zeller
Stars: Anthony Hopkins, Olivia Colman, Mark Gatiss, Olivia Williams
Plot: An aging man tries to keep things in order, but his mind is confusing reality with things he thinks are real
Clint Says: See this in theaters if you can
(Limited theatrical run)
If you have ever watched a loved one struggle with dementia, you know how heartbreaking it is to see them lose their grip on reality. It is a brutal disease that takes the greatest among us and whittles them down to the equivalent of an unteachable child. Yet, you can see in their eyes that, somehow, they know there is a forgotten world in which they still live. 
Portraying dementia on screen to this point has been a very difficult task. Some films have done a decent job of it, most haven't. This film nails it. And not only does it nail it, it puts you into the mind of the afflicted. You will walk out of the theater after this film thanking your lucky stars that you don't really feel the way you have felt for the last two hours. 
Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman give unforgettable performances even though it must have been an extremely difficult exhausting process to film this every day. It is difficult to watch as the breakdown of one person leads to the breakdown of another, but it is also beautiful to watch as the broken learn to mend and lift each other up. 
This is not a happy tale. It is not a film that ends with a tidy bow. It gets more and more messy as it progresses, and it becomes more tragic and heartbreaking as the truth is slowly revealed. Just like with dementia, there are no happy endings here. 
While this isn't an entertaining film, it is one that I highly recommend. It is not easy to watch, but it will give you a better understanding of what dementia patients experience. Beyond that it is also a masterful job of storytelling and acting that is well worth seeing. 

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Rated: R
Release Date: February 26, 2021
Director: Nicholas Jarecki
Stars: Armie Hammer, Gary Oldman, Evangeline Lilly
Plot: People's lives are controlled in different ways by opioids
Clint Says: Wait for the digital release


(Limited theatrical run)
Opioids are a dangerous thing. They are highly addictive and they are highly coveted. Because of that they have become big business, both legal and illegal. Crisis tells the story of the effect that opioids have on different people in different ways. One is a scientist asked to manipulate his numbers so a new opioid can hit the legal market, one is an undercover cop trying to stop the rampant spread of illegal sales, and one is a grieving mother who had no idea her son was close enough to the drug world to die because of it. 
All three stories are compelling and tragic on their own. In fact, this might have been better if it was rewritten as three different movies. The problem occurs when two of their stories intersect, but not the third. It doesn't make any sense. A lot of movies and books like to do the "crossing paths" storytelling, but if it is used, all of the paths need to cross, not just a couple of them. It is a powerful film that is almost really good. Unfortunately, the whole thing feels disjointed. 
Gary Oldman is fantastic in his role, which is all for naught, because his storyline should have been completely removed from the final version of the movie. It feels odd to say he was the best actor, but the movie would have been better without him, but it is true. 
Evangeline Lilly does a great job in her role moving through the stages of grief and loss. And Armie Hammer plays the gritty, undercover cop just like you would expect a gritty, undercover cop to be played. The good news with him is that his character is the only one that brings complex issues to the story, making his character much more interesting. 
I would like to tell you that this is a crime/mystery movie, or a drama, or a revenge flick, but I can't, because it is all of those things and yet, nine of those things. What I can say for certain is that it is an okay flick. It's not terrible, it's not great. Just wait for it to come out on a digital platform and watch it then. 

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Rated: R
Release Date: February 19, 2021
Director: J Blakeson
Stars: Rosamund Pike, Peter Dinklage, Eiza Gonzalez
Plot: A woman has a successful career scamming old people out of their money until she scams the wrong person
Clint Says: Stream this as soon as you can
(Streaming on Netflix)
This is one of the stranger movies I've seen in quite some time. In fact, it is so different from your typical story that I watched it twice in two days just to be sure I saw what I thought I saw. And the second time around I confirmed my suspicions. This is a film that you will enjoy immensely and then feel like you need a shower when it is done. 
This is a rare film in which there is no protagonist. You have nobody to root for. Every single person is terrible in some way. Yet it is fascinating to watch these people tear into each other with precision and poise. 
Rosamund Pike delivers a spine-tingling performance, and the rest of the cast fills the remaining dark voids with their own takes on evil and cruelty. It is truly something to behold. 
My only knock on this film is the main character's motivation for staying in the game. Once she realizes how high the stakes are, all that she has to lose, and what little she has to gain from moving forward instead of giving up makes no sense. It doesn't ring true. However, if you can get over that small speed bump, the rest of the film is a wild ride.
This is a fast-paced, exciting, suspenseful flick that will have you wondering why you are even watching it. You'll love almost every minute of it and then hate yourself for feeling that way when it is over. It's a film that puts you in a no-win situation, but you should see it anyway. 

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Rated: PG
Release Date: February 19, 2021
Director: Lena Khan
Stars: Matilda Lawler, Alyson Hannigan, Ben Schwartz, Dani Pudi
Plot: A young girl saves a squirrel's life only to find out the squirrel has superpowers
Clint Says: Stream this with the whole family this week


(Streaming on Disney+)
If you are looking for a cute, fun, and funny movie to watch with the whole family this weekend, look no further than Flora and Ulysses. This is an adorable tale that will keep you smiling and laughing the whole time. 
Matilda Lawler (Flora) is a delight to watch. She does a great job of moving the story forward in a compelling and entertaining way. She also has great chemistry with the rest of the cast. The other characters are all interesting and unique, even if a couple of them are a bit hokey. 
While this isn't a big-budget Disney film, it isn't some cheesy, thrown-together-on-a-shoestring-budget flick either. It's a solid, middle-of-the-pack movie that looks and feels slightly better than "made for TV."
If you have children under 10, they are going to get a kick out of this movie. Tweens and teens, not so much. This story is a bit below their grade level. But it is interesting and cute enough to keep the parents engaged and entertained. So get ready to have a night of fun in your own living room. 

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Rated: PG-13
Release Date: February 12, 2021
Director: Josh Greenbaum
Stars: Kristen Wiig, Annie Mumolo, Jamie Dornan
Plot: Two midwestern friends cut loose in Florida, but their trip turns into an adventure that may cost them their lives
Clint Says: Rent this for a decent laugh


(Available on VOD)
It feels like there haven't been any decent comedies released in several months. And the reason is because it is true. The last time a film was released that could be considered a comedy was in November of 2020. Maybe that is why this movie feels so refreshing. 
If we were back to a normal theatrical release schedule, this would be an average comedy at best. It would probably pull in about $40 million and by the end of the year it would be forgotten. Well, these aren't normal times. This actually has a chance to be one of the better comedies of the year. 
That doesn't mean this is a great movie. The truth is, this movie is pretty dumb. It isn't anywhere near what I would consider to be a great comedy. It just happens to come at a time when there isn't a lot of competition and we could all use a good laugh. 
Sure, it has several good laughs, but there is more about it that is annoying than funny. Currently, you can rent this on VOD for about $20. To me, that is about $15 too much to enjoy this film. I would wait until it shows up on another streaming service or they drop the rental price. It's not $20 worth of funny.

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Rated: R
Release Date: February 12, 2021
Director: Shaka King
Stars: Daniel Kaluuya, LaKeith Stanfield, Jesse Plemons
Plot: A car thief becomes an informant for the FBI against the Black Panthers in Chicago
Clint Says: Wait for the digital release


This is one of those films that is almost amazing. It comes so close in so many ways to being the kind of film that would win huge awards, but it just misses the mark. I'm sure this film will garner some nominations, but nothing like what it could have done if it had reached its full potential. 
The best part of the film is the acting. All of the primary cast deliver great performances. They are able to draw you in and make you feel for and understand their character's motivations.
The worst part of the film is the script. This movie is way too long for the content available. It is a compelling story, based on reality, but there aren't enough exciting moments to keep the film moving and exciting. There are several times where things drag along at a very slow pace. Either the film needs more action and excitement, or a good 30 minutes needs to be cut out of it. 
This is a film worth seeing at some point. I just don't think it is one worth the time, effort, and money to see in the theater. Wait for the digital release and you'll enjoy it much more. 

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Rated: R
Release Date: February 12, 2021
Director: Kevin Macdonald
Stars: Tahar Rahim, Jodie Foster, Benedict Cumberbatch, Shailene Woodley
Plot: A lawyer takes on a pro bono case to try to figure out what is happening with the uncharged prisoners at Guantanamo Bay
Clint Says: See this in theaters if you can


The prison set up at Guantanamo Bay after the 9/11 attacks became one of the most controversial parts of the decades-long war on terror. Thousands of people were detained there and only a handful of them were ever charged. During the years after 9/11 there were dozens of stories about prisoner abuse there. One of the most damning testimonies came in the form of the bestselling book, The Mauritanian.
This film chronicles the events that lead to one of the detainees finally getting a court date and being able to share with the world his experience. 
This is not an easy movie to watch, it isn't a "popcorn" flick. It is deep, powerful, and painful. This is not the kind of film you go into lightly. And while most of us are looking for an escape in our entertainment right now, if you are in the mood, this is a very good film worth seeing. 
Tahir Rahim gives a performance that is out of this world. He manages to convey extreme emotion with just the twitch of his head, or the movement of an eyebrow or lip. He should be in the running for some of the big acting awards. 
See this in theaters if you can. It will be well worth your time. 

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Rated: PG-13
Release Date: February 12, 2021
Director: Robin Wright
Stars: Robin Wright, Demian Bichir
Plot: A woman isolates herself in the wild after certain events change her life
Clint Says: Wait for the digital release


Have you ever had that urge to just get away from it all? Go out to the middle of nowhere and start fresh? Well, this is a movie all about that. Too bad she picks one of the world's harshest climates to start over in. 
Firsts off, congratulations to Robin Wright on her feature film directorial debut. That is a huge accomplishment and should never be overlooked. I just wish the movie had turned out a little bit better than what it is. 
The story is told in a very choppy way. There are things we don't learn until the end that didn't need to be a mystery. In fact, it would have made us care for the main character so much more had we known what she was going through from the beginning. The reveal is nice, but by the point that it finally happened it didn't pull any weight. It would have made for a much better movie if it was told in a linear fashion. 
As for the acting, both Robin Wright and Demian Bichir are marvelous. Their characters feel very real. It would have been nice if they had more to work with, but the story style didn't allow for their characters to grow with each other.
I wish I could recommend seeing this in theaters, but it isn't worth the time and money. Wait for the digital release. You'll be happy you did, and then you'll be okay with having seen it at home. 

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Rated: R
Release Date: February 5, 2021
Director: Chloe Zhao
Stars: Frances McDormand, David Strathairn
Plot: A woman's life revolves around her seasonal jobs while living in her van and interacting with the people she meets along the way
Clint Says: See this in theaters if you are a fan of high-brow cinema. If not, then skip it.

If you are not familiar with the works and stylings of Director Chloe Zhao you need to know that she is a filmmaker with a style unique to her. She is infatuated with the "wild west," she tells slice-of-life stories of ordinary people, and her films feel like they are part narrative movie and part documentary. 

She is a huge name in the independent film world, and rightfully so. Her films are beautiful, emotional, and moving. 
Just like Taylor Swift writing a breakup song, Nomadland is right in Chloe Zhao's wheelhouse. And then she went and got Frances McDormand to play the lead. Get the Academy on the line, we've got a contender. 
As with most independent films, this is not for everyone. It is a slow-paced film showing the slow-paced life of a typical nomadic person. Most of the drama and conflict is stuff we all deal with on a daily basis. 
Your typical movie amplifies the exciting moments and skips over the day-to-day life events. This movie wants you to slow down and enjoy all of those little moments. There is no goal to achieve, there is no crown to be won. The victory is in living each day and being present. 
This is a wonderful and beautiful film for those of you that can enjoy the slower pace and the appreciation of the little things. If you are hoping for excitement, entertainment, and escape from real life, you will want to see something else. 

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Rated: R
Release Date: February 5, 2021
Director: Sam Levinson
Stars: John David Washington, Zendaya
Plot: A couple argues through the night after a huge evening that will change their lives
Clint Says: A great film if you can handle people yelling at each other for 90 minutes
Zendaya has come a long way from her time as a Disney star, and she has made the most of her climb to the up. Now, thanks to her performance in this film, she has a legitimate chance at reaching the pinnacle of any acting career by winning an Academy Award. 
Her performance is incredible throughout the film, but there is one scene in particular where she shows off her acting range in a jaw-dropping manner. I would be surprised if she doesn't get a nomination for all of the big award shows this year. 
As for the rest of the movie, it is intense, exhausting, compelling, and hard to watch. If that sounds like a list of contradictions, you are correct. One moment you'll be hanging on every word, the next you'll be wishing it was all over because the arguing is incessant. There are many moments where you will think this is some of the best writing ever. Then there are moments where you will want them to stop talking because their nonsensical ramblings are hurting your brain. 
For those of you that can withstand the barrage of insults and verbal punches, you will be treated to some of the best acting you will see all year. If constant arguing and yelling stresses you out, this is not the film for you. 


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Rated: R
Release Date: January 29, 2021
Director: John Lee Hancock
Stars: Denzel Washington, Rami Malek, Jared Leto
Plot: An old and young cop work together solve a series of murders
Clint Says: See this in theaters soon


What do you get when you put three Oscar-winning actors in the same film? A really good movie. Like the title says, it is the little things that make this movie stand out. You can see it in the way Rami Malek twitches his mouth to convey an entire range of emotions. You can hear it in the way Denzel Washington purposefully uses five words when three would make the point. And you can feel it when Jared Leto's physical presence makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. 
While I can't say that this is a top 10 movie, or a Best Picture nominee, it is a lot better than most movies. It has some pacing issues that slow down the momentum a few times, and there are a couple of plot jumps that don't get resolved, but those problems are fairly minor in the overall makeup of this movie. 
It is a very dark and intense dive into the mind of a mad man surrounded by the demons haunting the men trying to bring him to justice. If you only want to see a clean and tidy CSI-style whodunnit, this is not the movie for you. This is dirty, gritty, raw, and disturbing. It is the kind of film that crawls into the depths of your brain and takes root for several days. 
Do not go into this one lightly, but if you are in the mood for something dark, this film will give you all that you can handle. 

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Rated: PG
Release Date: January 29, 2021
Director: Jude Weng
Stars: Kea Peahu, Alex Aiono, Owen Vaccaro, Lindsay Watson
Plot: A group of kids search for hidden treasure in Hawaii
Clint Says: Watch this film with the whole family


Raise your hand if you are a fan of The Goonies. If you are like me, you probably just put both hands in the air and shouted, "Goonies never say die!" It's okay to admit it. We are all Goonies here. 
Now, click on the link above and watch the trailer for this film. If you don't say, "Wow, this is just like The Goonies," at least three times, I will have to question your Goonieness. 
Yes, this movie looks and feels like it could be a remake of that amazing 80's classic. And that is totally fine. 
The kids in this movie are all a joy to watch. They each bring something special to the film that, when added together, makes for great chemistry, and give you characters that you want to succeed. 
While this isn't the big-budget blockbuster that The Goonies was, it has the same heart. It's a story of a group of misfit kids working together to find a hidden treasure to save their family home. They have to deal with several riddles and obstacles along the way. Each riddle or task plays to one of their strengths and to another's weakness. But together they can overcome all obstacles. 
I watched this with my younger daughters who are 10 and 8 and they really enjoyed it. This is a perfect film to get the whole family together, order some take out, pop some popcorn, and turn your living room into a great evening of fun and entertainment. 

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Rated: R
Release Date: January 22, 2021
Director: Gabriela Cowperthwaite
Stars: Dakota Johnson, Casey Affleck, Jason Segel
Plot: An old friend comes to help out with a couple dealing with a terminal cancer diagnosis
Clint Says: See this in theaters if you can find it
Humans can find hope and joy in the darkest of times and situations. This film does a beautiful job of using a very dark moment to show the light. It is strange because there is nothing happy about this story, yet it feels good to have gone through it. 
The trio of actors are all superb. Dakota Johnson gives one of her best performances of her career. Casey Affleck proves once again that he is the superior actor in his family. And Jason Segel shows that he can be so much more than just the funny, goofy guy. 
This film will take you on an emotional ride. Most of which will be filled with tears. There are a few laughs as well, but most of those are laughing through the tears. But, at the end of it all it is still a story that feels good and proves that there are wonderful people in this world.
If you are looking for a girls' night out, this film might be a great part of your evening. 

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Rated: R
Release Date: January 22, 2021
Director: Ramin Bahrani
Stars: Adarsh Gourav, Priyanka Chopra, Rajkummar Rao
Plot: A man born to be a servant, figures out a way to become a business mogul
Clint Says: Stream this when you have a chance


Everyone loves a good underdog story. At least that is what we've always heard. Well, if it is a true statement then you have no choice but to like this movie, because it is a good underdog story. 
Adarsh Gourav, who has starred in several Bollywood films, is great in the lead role. He goes from being a mousey pushover to a business mastermind, through a wild and eventful series of events. Without him this movie would be much less entertaining. 
This film is a lot more serious than I expected it to be. I thought it was going to have several comedic moments, but it doesn't. It's pretty much a straight up drama.
I highly doubt this film will be on anyone's top ten list this year, but it is a good film that is worth seeing when you have the chance. 

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Rated: PG-13
Release Date: January 22, 2021
Director: Connor Allyn
Stars: Jake Allyn, Frank Grillo, Jorge A. Jimenez, George Lopez
Plot: A young man finds himself in trouble and runs away to Mexico to escape danger and find himself
Clint Says: Worth a digital rental


When I saw the information for this film I was nervous that it might not be very good. It is written by one brother, who is also the star of the film, and directed by the other brother. Many times that means that it is a low-budget flick without professional cinematic value. Thankfully, this movie is about 95% of what you would expect a wide-release film to look and feel like. 
Yes, it has its moments of bad acting, non-dramatic chase scenes, and other amateur issues, but for the most part this is a pretty good film. The story is compelling enough to help keep the movie interesting even when the film work isn't the greatest. And the characters' journeys are deep and emotional. 
This is in no way one of the best films you will see this year, but it is still one that is worth seeing if you have the time. I wouldn't suggest going out of your way to see it, but if you are scrolling through your streaming devices and can't find anything to watch, you might want to give this one a try. 

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Rated: R
Release Date: January 15, 2021
Director: Regina King
Stars: Kingsley Ben-Adir, Eli Goree, Leslie Odom, Jr., Aldis Hodge
Plot: Malcolm X, Sam Cooke, Jim Brown, and the soon-to-be Muhammed Ali spend an evening debating and discussing their part in the civil rights movement
Clint Says: See this movie as soon as you can


This film is a tale of two halves. The first 15 minutes are incredible. Especially the introduction of Jim Brown. It is one of the more powerful and poignant scenes you will see in a movie this year. Unfortunately, the rest of the first half is really quite boring. Nothing exciting happens, the four friends are hanging out with each other, which is neat to see and contemplate, but there is no conflict, there is no action, and it feels like the story stalls out. 
But then the second half of the film shows up to the party. 
It is very rare for me to love a film so much that didn't thrill me for about 45 minutes of it, but the rest of the movie is so good that it nearly made my top 10 movies of the year list. There is so much happening in the second half , so many emotional moments, and such powerful dialogue that the entire film is thoroughly redeemed. 
The acting is some of the best we've seen this year. Leslie Odom, Jr. deserves a supporting actor nomination for his portrayal of Sam Cooke. He also co-wrote the song "Speak Now," with Sam Ashworth. It has a very good chance of winning the Oscar for Best Song. 
Perhaps the most incredible thing about this film is the performance of Kingsley Ben-Adir. He plays the role of Malcolm X perfectly. You almost feel like you are watching the real man on screen. That is incredible enough, but the truly shocking thing about it is that Ben-Adir was chosen for the role only two weeks before they started shooting the film. And because the shooting schedule was so tight, there were many times where they didn't even get to rehearse their lines on scene. 
Give this one a watch this weekend. You won't be disappointed. In fact, you might discover one of your favorite movies of the year. 

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Rated: PG-13
Release Date: January 15, 2021
Director: Robert Lorenz
Stars: Liam Neeson, Jacob Perez, Juan Pablo Raba, Katheryn Winnick
Plot: A rancher must help a boy escape a Mexican drug cartel
Clint Says: Wait for the digital release


I know the question you are all wanting answered. Does Liam Neeson have a certain set of skills in this movie? Of course he does! He's a one-man army versus the baddest of the bad in the Mexican Cartel.
Now, if that is your only reason for wanting to see this movie, then go for it. Grab your popcorn, candy, and drink and enjoy. If you like that stuff, but you also want a smart film, well...this is not the movie you are looking for. 
While this flick is entertaining and somewhat suspenseful. it is also filled with about 20 moments where you will find yourself saying, "Why did they do that instead of this obvious thing?" There are more holes in this plot than there are holes in Lim Neeson's truck after the Cartel shoots it up. (Not a spoiler. We all know that happens in every movie he's in).
If you are in the mood for a good action flick, check your brain at the door and have a fun time. If you are hoping to discuss this film over coffee, you may want to buy a small. 

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Rated: Not Rated
Release Date: January 15, 2021
Director: Sam Pollard
Stars: Martin Luther King, James Comey, Beverly Gage
Plot: A documentary about the FBI's surveillance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. using newly declassified files
Clint Says: Worth a watch if you don't know a lot about the players

This is a documentary that feels like it could have been something so much better than it is. It is slow, making it feel like it drags on. It is poorly edited, making it nearly impossible at times to understand the point trying to be made. It feels like they found a bunch of important statements and just put them all together whether they belonged together or not. 

The other odd thing about this film is the music. About every 10 minutes there is an annoyingly loud drum/bass thing going on that feels nothing like the tone of the documentary. It just beats at your brain, completely taking you out of the story for minutes at a time. 
Finally, I was expecting to see and hear things I had never seen and heard before. That didn't happen. This was all supposed to be fresh information from newly declassified documents, but almost everything in this film has been floating around for many years. There were very few moments where I learned something new about MLK or the FBI. 
If you don't know much about MLK or his dealings with the FBI this may be a good start, but if you already have a good working knowledge of both this film will bore you. 

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Rated: R
Release Date: January 8, 2021
Director: Kornel Mundruczo
Stars: Vanessa Kirby, Shia LaBeouf, Ellen Burstyn
Plot: A couple begin to fall apart after the tragic death of their newborn child. 
Clint Says: It's worth watching once
The reaction to this film has been very interesting. There are a lot of people that think this is a lock for a Best Picture nomination and a probable win for Vanessa Kirby in the Best Actress race Then there are a lot of people that think this is a pretty good film with an award-worthy performance from Vanessa Kirby. I fall into the latter category. 
One thing is for sure, Vanessa Kirby is outstanding in this film. Her performance is so emotional and raw that it almost feels like she is really going through these events. The way she interacts with the other characters makes the whole film so much better. 
The one thing that might put people off to this movie is Shia LeBeouf. This is not one of his better roles. In fact, if you've been following the Hollywood news over the last couple of months you know that he has found himself in a potentially career-ending situation. Without giving too much away, let's just say that there is a scene in this film that feels way too close to his alleged reality to be comfortable. 
Personally, I found this movie to be too slow and depressing. 2020 was a terrible year for most, I want to escape right now. I don't want to watch some heavy, reality-based drama. Watching this felt like I had a weight around my neck. 
That said, it was still worth it to see Kirby's performance. This may not be one of my favorite films of the year, but Kirby definitely deserves all of the positive attention and accolades being thrown in her direction.