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DOG DAYS - Review

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Rated: PG

Release Date: August 8, 2018

Director: Ken Marino

Stars: Nina Dobrev, Vanessa Hudgens, Eva Longoria, John Bass

Plot: Several lives intersect through their mutual interest in dogs



Clint Says: Don't even bother.



Oh. My. Goodness.


Do you say congratulations to a film that is very much in the running for one of the worst movies of the year? If so, congratulations, DOG DAYS, you're a terrible waste of time!


I don't care how much you love dogs, I don't care how much you love ensemble cast movies, none of that matters anymore. There is nothing that can save this movie from being the dumpster fire that it is.


Here are the only good things about this movie: 1. Vanessa Hudgens and John Bass are adorable. 2. There are two good scenes in the movie. (But one of them is only 45 seconds long).


That's it.


That's all that is good about this flick. 


The rest is junk. 


It is dreadfully slow, it's almost 2 hours long, most of the cast is entirely unlikable, and the script is horrible.


Perhaps the most incredible thing about this film is the fact that the makers of this movie managed to do the impossible. It's a dog movie, basically all you need to do to win audiences over is to have a dog walk onto the screen. But these film makers couldn't even get that right. There wasn't a single moment where I heard the audience give a collective "awwww" over one of the dogs. It's almost like they were trying to make a bad movie.


Seriously, I know you want to see this movie because it has a big, fun cast and a ton of dogs, but I'm telling you it's not worth it. You are going to be disappointed. This movie is a bad dog.


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