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I CARE A LOT - Review

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Rated: R
Release Date: February 19, 2021
Director: J Blakeson
Stars: Rosamund Pike, Peter Dinklage, Eiza Gonzalez
Plot: A woman has a successful career scamming old people out of their money until she scams the wrong person
Clint Says: Stream this as soon as you can
(Streaming on Netflix)
This is one of the stranger movies I've seen in quite some time. In fact, it is so different from your typical story that I watched it twice in two days just to be sure I saw what I thought I saw. And the second time around I confirmed my suspicions. This is a film that you will enjoy immensely and then feel like you need a shower when it is done. 
This is a rare film in which there is no protagonist. You have nobody to root for. Every single person is terrible in some way. Yet it is fascinating to watch these people tear into each other with precision and poise. 
Rosamund Pike delivers a spine-tingling performance, and the rest of the cast fills the remaining dark voids with their own takes on evil and cruelty. It is truly something to behold. 
My only knock on this film is the main character's motivation for staying in the game. Once she realizes how high the stakes are, all that she has to lose, and what little she has to gain from moving forward instead of giving up makes no sense. It doesn't ring true. However, if you can get over that small speed bump, the rest of the film is a wild ride.
This is a fast-paced, exciting, suspenseful flick that will have you wondering why you are even watching it. You'll love almost every minute of it and then hate yourself for feeling that way when it is over. It's a film that puts you in a no-win situation, but you should see it anyway. 


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