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Rated: R

Release Date: December 8, 2017

Director: James Franco

Stars: James Franco, Dave Franco, Seth Rogen

Plot: A film about the making of one of the worst movies of all time that became a cult classic



Clint Says: Drop everything and go see this movie now



This may be one of the gutsiest movies ever made. 


It's a Hollywood-level film about one of the worst movies ever made. Essentially, the studio is hoping that enough people have seen or know about THE ROOM, (the terrible movie this film is based on), and are fanatical enough about it to see a good movie about it. That is a huge risk, but one that I am very glad they took, because this movie deserves all sorts or awards and accolades.


Although you don't have to have seen THE ROOM for this movie to make sense, it would help a lot in understanding the nuances of the film. THE ROOM is so off-the-wall weird and so epically  horrible that if you don't know anything about it going into THE DISASTER ARTIST it won't be nearly as funny as it could be.


James Franco plays the part of Tommy Wiseau and is absolutely perfect in capturing the complete essence of Tommy in every aspect of his life. Tommy is a nut case. Nobody knows where he is from, how old he is, or how he manages to have a seemingly bottomless bank account. He also wrote, directed, edited, produced, funded, and starred in THE ROOM. Franco deserves nominations from all of the major award outlets for Best Actor.


The film is incredibly funny...if you are a "fan" of THE ROOM. If you aren't, then this movie will be somewhere on the level of tolerable. It is also heartwarming and inspiring. Personally, this has a very good shot at being one of my top 10 films of the year.


While I could never in good conscience recommend seeing THE ROOM, I will say that if you haven't, but you are interested in seeing THE DISASTER ARTIST, you should spend some time on YouTube watching videos of "highlights" of THE ROOM and videos of Tommy Wiseau. It will go a long way in making your viewing of this film that much more enjoyable.


NOTE: Be on the lookout for all sorts of high-level cameos all throughout the movie. There are so many you may need to see the movie twice just to catch them all.


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