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Rated: R

Release Date: May 29, 2020

Director: Nisha Ganatra

Stars: Dakota Johnson, Tracee Ellis Ross, Ice Cube, Kelvin Harrison Jr.

Plot: A personal assistant to a superstar singer gets into trouble because she is anxious to make it big in the music industry



Clint Says: It's worth a rental while you are staying at home



While this isn't the funniest Rom-Com to come out recently, it is satisfyingly funny. And, let's be honest, we are all craving a little laughter and a decent, somewhat-high-budget, a-list-starring movie to watch. Thankfully, this movie hits all of those notes.


This is easily Dakota Johnson's best work to date. It shows that she really does have good comedic timing, a broad acting range, and can be the likable underdog. If she keeps on this trajectory, she may do enough good things for us to finally forget FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. (Kidding....there is not enough good in the world for any of us to forget how bad that movie series was).


Tracee Ellis Ross makes a successful jump from TV star to a leading role in a feature film. She's had other roles in films before, but this is her first major part. She plays the role of superstar diva extremely well. Personally, I don't know how her mother, Diana Ross, acted around her, but I'm sure that Tracee used some of her personality as research for this role. 


The only real downside of this movie is that it is a bit too formulaic. Unfortunately, I figured out the storyline very early on in the film, so I spent most of it just waiting for it to catch up. The good news is that most people will be able to just enjoy the story and be surprised at the reveals. (Please do not read this as me saying I'm so much smarter and better than other people, it's not that at all. It's simply a product of watching a ton of movies every year and constantly dissecting storylines, character arcs, and themes).


One of the best aspects of this film is the cameos. There are a couple of big-name stars that pop in for a few minutes that make the film so much better. Be on the watch for them. 


If this were a normal time, this movie probably wouldn't move my excitement needle too much, but here we are, stuck at home, and the lack of new releases is a sad reality. Because of that, this film rises to the top as something fun and entertaining to watch this weekend. It's not going to be your favorite Rom-Com ever, but for now, it will give you some laughs and some couch cuddles. And that makes it worth the rental. 


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