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Rated: PG
Release Date: July 16, 2021
Director: Malcolm D. Lee
Stars: LeBron James, Don Cheadle, Cedric Joe
Plot: When LeBron's son is taken by a crazed artificial intelligence system, he must win a basketball game to get him back
Clint Says: Wait until it is streaming for free


Why did Warner Brothers feel it necessary to give us another Space Jam 25 years after the first?*
Was there a secret underground society begging for this movie to be made? 
I can't think of a single person that I have ever known who has ever had the thought, "you know what we need? Another Space Jam movie!" And I know people that have worked and do work at WB!
This is a snoozefest filled with terrible acting, it puts a terrible twist on a boring and formulaic plot, and you know how it ends before it even begins. 
Here's what some of the cast members probably said about the finished product: 
            Sylvester the cat - "SSSSufferin' succotash! This thing sssstinks!"
            Daffy Duck - "I'm not a betting man, but my money is on the other guy." (That's actually a quote of his from the movie).
            Yosemite Sam - "Can I just shoot this dang thing and put it out of its misery?"
            Tweety Bird - "Are you $%$^ kidding me!? This %&#^$ is going to ruin my #^$^%* career!" (I'm pretty sure that one was caught off                    microphone). 
I took my 11 and 9 year old daughters to see this with me. The tween thought the movie lasted forever. (Read that line like it is coming out of a teen's mouth and you'll get all of the emotion you need.) And she was right. This movie is almost 2 hours long. I don't like this new trend with studios making kids movies that push 120 minutes. 90 should be about the max. If you can't get a kids flick accomplished in 90 minutes then re-work it until you get there. 
The 9 year old summed up the entire Space Jam 2 experience the best when I asked her what she thought of the movie. Her response was simply, "I'm just here for the popcorn." So, if you are like her and couldn't care less about anything other than the concession stand, you may find the movie to be somewhat tolerable. For the rest of the world, I say wait until it streams for free somewhere. 
*The answer is because Warner Brothers turned a 2 hour movie into a 2 hour ad for all of their film and TV franchises. There are dozens of cameos from characters in other films and shows that WB owns. At first it is kind of cute. By the end it is brutally annoying in its obvious money grab.