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Rated: PG-13
Release Date: May 28, 2021
Director: Craig Gillespie
Stars: Emma Stone, Emma Thompson, Joel Fry, Paul Walter Hauser
Plot: A fashion designer with a bent towards bad behavior finds a target in one of her heroes
Clint Says: Drop everything and go see this in theaters now


Disney has proven that they have the ability to make great live-action remakes of some of their best animated works. This, however, is a new twist. Giving us a live action back story of an animated villain was probably a tough decision to make, but I'm glad the project got the green light.
This is a wild ride right from the start. It's filled with action, comedy, intrigue, and wonderful characters. The story is juicy and filled with all sorts of interesting twists and turns. It clocks in at just over two hours, but it never felt like it was overstaying its welcome. 
While the movie is excellent, perhaps the biggest star of the film is the soundtrack. I can't even begin to imagine how much money Disney spent to license all of the incredible music for this film. It feels like every huge hit from the 1960s is played. And what is even better is that the film moves to the beat of the song. If you aren't tapping your toes and singing along the entire movie you may want to have someone check your pulse.
As for the characters, they are all so deliciously fun...and flawed. I'm sure Emma Stone had a blast playing the character of Cruella De Vil. After all, being bad is so good. And she was given a wonderfully evil script allowing her to manipulate, annoy, and embarrass the characters around her.
If you ever saw 101 Dalmatians and secretly thought Cruella was at least a little bit more interesting than the rest of them, or you said out loud that she was the best part of the movie, this 2021 film is a must-see movie for you. Be the tiniest bit evil today and leave work early to go see this great film.  

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Rated: PG
Release Date: November 25, 2020
Director: Joel Crawford
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Leslie Mann
Plot: Grug and his family find an amazing place to live, but soon run into the Bettermans, and things take a turn for the worse
Clint Says: See this in theaters as soon as you can


If you saw the first film in this franchise you know how fantastic it was. This one may even be better! 
Once again the animation is beautiful, fun, and imaginative. There are several scenes that will have you wondering how they were able to manage making something so amazing. 
The story is entertaining, interesting, and wildly funny. My whole family laughed out loud, and hard, several times during the film. It even managed to keep the interest of my 8 year old, who finds nothing longer than 10 minutes interesting. 
The pacing is perfect, the length is just right, and there are no annoying filler scenes that slow everything down. 
If you are looking for something to do with your whole family over the Thanksgiving break, this is a perfect way to spend a couple of hours. It is a wonderful and exciting film for everyone. 
(In theaters everywhere).

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Rated: R

Release Date: October 18, 2019

Director: Reuben Fleischer

Stars: Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg, Abigail Breslin

Plot: Nine years after the zombie apocalypse began these four survivors continue to look for other humans while facing off against evolving zombies



Clint Says: Drop everything and see this in theaters now



ZOMBIELAND is one of those flicks that, if I see it on TV while I'm searching for something to watch, I will stop and watch every single time. It is a cult classic bordering on legendary status. It has all of the markers of a long-living film: Compelling, funny, suspenseful, great dialogue, fantastic acting, and long-running gags. It is near-perfect and one-of-a-kind.


And then they made another one.


There were so many ways that this new venture could have gone wrong. They could have slapped it together knowing that most of us would pay to see it no matter what. They could have changed out the cast. They could have royally messed it up.


Thankfully, they didn't. This movie is awesome!


From the opening credits to the final after-credit scene, (stick around), this movie pulls you in and puts you in a Tallahassee choke hold. It is hilarious with dozens of laugh-out-loud moments, it is suspenseful with several moments where you are sure it's all over for the crew, and it has its own long-running gag that has nothing to do with Twinkies.


One of the things that made the first film so special was the cast. Arguably, one could say that ZOMBIELAND was the breakout role for 3/4 of the cast. They all had such amazing chemistry and everything worked together so well.


This new film adds several new characters to the bunch all of which bring their own style and fun to the movie. I was nervous that the story might lose something with the addition of new characters, but it actually helped make a better movie. Zoey Deutch is so funny and lovable, and Luke Wilson and Thomas Middleditch are pain-in-the-jaw-from-laughing-so-hard funny as the mirror images of Tallahassee and Columbus.


This is a must-see movie for anyone that likes zombie movies, comedies, great acting, or fun in general. It is too good to pass up.

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Rated: R

Release Date: December 7, 2018

Director: Yorgos Lanthimos

Stars: Olivia Colman, Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz, Nicholas Hoult

Plot: A woman arrives at the Queen's castle looking for a job and soon finds herself in a dangerous battle for the Queen's affections with the Queen's top aide



Clint Says: Drop everything and go see this in theaters now



If you are thinking that this looks like another stuffy, pompous, boring British period piece, you will need to go ahead and wipe that thought out of your head and get yourself ready for an insane ride. This film is nothing short of fantastic and will have a great chance at winning several awards.


This is not only one of the funniest films of the year, but it is also terribly, disturbingly dark. One minute you will be laughing so hard that it hurts, the next you will be cringing at how evil the players can be to one another.


Olivia Coleman gives an Oscar-worthy performance. In fact, at this point I have to list her as the front-runner for Best Actress. Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz's performances are just as wonderful, but it would be hard for either of them to win Best Supporting Actress since they will be splitting votes between them. In all three cases you will find yourself cheering for them and then booing them, loving them then hating them, and wishing for their success then praying for their demise.


Not only is the acting superior to most, the costumes, sets, hair and makeup, music, dialogue, and cinematography are all outstanding. I will be shocked if this film gets anything less than four or five Oscar nominations.


If you like great comedy in a dark world this is a perfect film choice for you. 

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Rated: PG-13

Release Date: September 29, 2017

Director: Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris

Stars: Emma Stone, Steve Carell

Plot: Based on the story of the famous tennis match between Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King


Clint Says: Wait for the DVD



I was really looking forward to seeing this movie for several reasons. First, the real-life match has lived on in infamy for 40-something years now. Second, Emma Stone and Steve Carell are two of my favorite actors. And finally, who doesn't like a good-natured man versus woman story?


Then I saw the movie. (Insert The Price Is Right loser sound here).


The trailers made this movie look like it was going to be all about the match and the lead up to the match, instead we get a long slow story about their relationships and the endless fighting BJK had to do for equal pay. (Don't get me wrong, those are interesting and valid story lines, it's just not what we were sold with the trailers).


If you ever saw any of the coverage of the press conferences Riggs and BJK had, you know that there is a lot of material there for an interesting story. The film does a really poor job at getting into the rivalry between Billie Jean King and Margaret Court. It touches on it, and it feels like it is a significant part of the film, but it never goes anywhere but a surface rivalry.


Stone and Carell are outstanding in their performances. Unfortunately, they were given a bad script with which to work. The rest of the cast is fine, but even the main secondary characters are hardly developed.


If you go see this movie, just know going in that it is a slow-moving, relationship-heavy story, rather than the fun, funny, and exciting film we see in the trailers.

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Rated: PG-13

Release Date: December 16, 2016

Director: Damien Chazelle

Stars: Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling

Plot: Two artists living in Los Angeles help each other find their dream



Clint Says: Drop everything and go see this movie now



This is the best movie of the year. 


Hands down. 


Second place is a distant thought. 


Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling's on-screen chemistry is so perfect that you will almost need surgery by the end of the movie to remove the silly grin from your face. Their dance scene are reminiscent of Fred and Ginger, their banter is playful and filled with emotion, and their relationship is intoxicating. 


I can't remember the last time I saw a movie like this, and I'll bet it will be a long time before we see anything like it again. I never thought that I would be raving on like this about a musical. 


The music is amazing, the cinematography is beautiful, the story is captivating. It's quite possibly the closest thing I've seen to cinematic perfection in years. 


I can't recommend this movie enough. Go out and see it now!