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Rated: PG-13
Release Date: May 21, 2021
Director: Luke Holland
Stars: Various
Plot: First hand accounts from members of the Nazi party during Hitler's regime 
Clint Says: See this in theaters, but be prepared to be upset


This is one of the most fascinating and infuriating documentaries I have ever seen. It is fascinating because you get to hear first-hand accounts of the atrocities that occurred in Germany during WWII. It is infuriating because, even after all of the years and all of the evidence, many of them still refuse to admit what happened. 
This is the kind of documentary that should be required viewing in school. It shows how easily things can go bad when groupthink is the norm. It sheds light on how many of the Germans didn't agree with what was going on, but were too afraid to stand up and say anything. And it shows how people refuse to take responsibility for things if they think others will look down on them. 
It is filled with incredible images and video surrounded by devastating facts and emotional interviews. You are sure to go through a full range of emotions while viewing this documentary. It will break your heart, it will give you pause as you see things through the eyes of the other side, and it will make you mad. Even so, this is something that everyone should see. 
Perhaps this documentary, more than anything else, shows how easy it is for a group of people to get caught up in a movement and go so far down a dark path so fast that it becomes too late to turn back around.