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Rated: R
Release Date: February 26, 2021
Director: Nicholas Jarecki
Stars: Armie Hammer, Gary Oldman, Evangeline Lilly
Plot: People's lives are controlled in different ways by opioids
Clint Says: Wait for the digital release


(Limited theatrical run)
Opioids are a dangerous thing. They are highly addictive and they are highly coveted. Because of that they have become big business, both legal and illegal. Crisis tells the story of the effect that opioids have on different people in different ways. One is a scientist asked to manipulate his numbers so a new opioid can hit the legal market, one is an undercover cop trying to stop the rampant spread of illegal sales, and one is a grieving mother who had no idea her son was close enough to the drug world to die because of it. 
All three stories are compelling and tragic on their own. In fact, this might have been better if it was rewritten as three different movies. The problem occurs when two of their stories intersect, but not the third. It doesn't make any sense. A lot of movies and books like to do the "crossing paths" storytelling, but if it is used, all of the paths need to cross, not just a couple of them. It is a powerful film that is almost really good. Unfortunately, the whole thing feels disjointed. 
Gary Oldman is fantastic in his role, which is all for naught, because his storyline should have been completely removed from the final version of the movie. It feels odd to say he was the best actor, but the movie would have been better without him, but it is true. 
Evangeline Lilly does a great job in her role moving through the stages of grief and loss. And Armie Hammer plays the gritty, undercover cop just like you would expect a gritty, undercover cop to be played. The good news with him is that his character is the only one that brings complex issues to the story, making his character much more interesting. 
I would like to tell you that this is a crime/mystery movie, or a drama, or a revenge flick, but I can't, because it is all of those things and yet, nine of those things. What I can say for certain is that it is an okay flick. It's not terrible, it's not great. Just wait for it to come out on a digital platform and watch it then. 

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Rated: R
Release Date: December 4, 2020
Director: David Fincher
Stars: Gary Oldman, Amanda Seyfried, Lily Collins
Plot: Orson Wells employs Herman Mankiewicz to write the screenplay for CITIZEN KANE
Clint Says: Stream this as soon as you can
If you are a fan of old, classic Hollywood. This is a must-see film. It is a complete homage to cinema and the people behind it in the early 1940s. 
One of the most fascinating aspects of this film is how they incorporate the script writing into the film itself. You'll see scene setting descriptions pop up throughout the film written in the appropriate style and type for a true Hollywood screenplay. It keeps bringing you back to the fact that this is a movie about writing a movie. 
The film is shot in a striking black and white, but added to that are the incredible sets, camera work, and lighting. It makes the film one of the most beautiful of the year.
Rounding out the excellence is the superior acting by Gary Oldman, Amanda Seyfried, and Lily Collins. It would not surprise me at all to see all three of these amazing actors vying for the top acting awards of the year.
It is a wild and captivating film from start to finish. I highly recommend streaming it as soon as you can. 

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Rated: R

Release Date: October 26, 2018

Director: Donovan Marsh

Stars: Gerard Butler, Gary Oldman, Common, Linda Cardellini

Plot: A US submarine crew is tasked with rescuing the Russian President after a coup, but they have to do it without starting a world war



Clint Says: Wait until after opening weekend, but see this in theaters



It's been a long time since a great submarine movie has come along. CRIMSON TIDE was almost 25 years ago, and THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER came out in 1990. While HUNTER KILLER isn't quite in the same league as those other films, it is close.


The action and suspense start immediately and they don't let up for the full two hours. There were several moments where I was holding my breath as the scenes unfolded. 


The only downside to this film is that it gets a little far-fetched near the end, and there are a couple of minor plot holes and moments of convenience scattered about, but they aren't so big that they take away from the overall experience. Also, some of the conflict between some of the characters seems to be a bit contrived.


If you like action/suspense/war films this one is a must-see. It is compelling and exciting from the opening scene on. You should also try to see it in the biggest theater possible to get the most out of the effects and sounds.

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Rated: PG-13

Release Date: December 22, 2017

Director: Joe Wright

Stars: Gary Oldman, Lily James, Kristin Scott Thomas

Plot: Winston Churchill, the new Prime Minister must fight against popular thought in order to take on Hitler instead of negotiating with him



Clint Says: Drop everything and go see this movie now



If this were a true and just world Gary Oldman would be a shoo-in for Best Actor this year. Unfortunately, he probably won't win because there are apparently people in Hollywood that don't like him, so it'll just be a popularity contest. Even so, just know that Oldman deserves to win. He is Churchill in every way possible. He couldn't be more Churchill if they brought Churchill back from the dead and he told Oldman how to act like him.


The film itself is also very good. It's not easy to make a film about a political argument exciting, but Director Joe Wright does just that. He creates tension, stress and frustration, but is able to balance it with a "behind-the-scenes" look at Churchill as he questioned his own decisions. There is also a great deal of comedy that you would not expect in a film like this, but it fits in very well. 


It is fascinating to note that there were three films to hit the big screen this year that had Dunkirk as it's overarching theme. DUNKIRK, THEIR FINEST, and DARKEST HOUR. Each gives a unique perspective on the event, and all three are exceptional films. If you have the time, it would be an interesting day to watch all three of them back-to-back.