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Rated: PG-13

Release Date: November 8, 2019

Director: Roland Emmerich

Stars: Ed Skrein, Patrick Wilson, Luke Evans, Woody Harrelson

Plot: US Naval forces try to out think the Japanese in order to turn the war in their favor



Clint Says: Wait for the digital release



I'm a history buff. I love watching war flicks...especially movies about World War II. I find them fascinating because it was a time when bravery ruled the day. The stories of the heroes are many and compelling.


With MIDWAY the stories of the heroes were just about the only thing I found worthy of my time. And it was only in the last 3 minutes that we found out the real stories of the people in this film. The rest of the movie was pretty close to a total waste of time.


The effects are terrible, the dialogue is ridiculous, and there are scenes thrown in the middle that have very little if anything to do with the overall plot of the film. The pacing is all over the place, and the movie feels like it drags on forever. It's 2 hours and 18 minutes that feels more like 4.


I will say the action/war scenes were done well. It felt like you were right in the middle of the battle with them and with no way of escape. Unfortunately, these sequences were too few and there was too much fluff between them. This felt much more like a talk/debate movie than a war flick.


It feels like this movie didn't know what it wanted to be. It isn't a romance, because the love story(s) was never front and center. It isn't a war movie because there is too much other stuff. It feels like it is several different genres squeezed into one, and that never works well.


I wish this were a better film, but it isn't. Therefore I can't recommend seeing this one. Just wait for the digital release. It'll save you time and money.

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Rated: R

Release Date: June 26, 2019

Director: Gary Dauberman

Stars: Mckenna Grace, Madison Iseman, Katie Sarife, Vera Farmiga

Plot: A girl unwittingly releases the evils the Warrens have locked away in a room of horrors



Clint Says: Wait for the digital release



Since 2013 we have seen half a dozen films hit the theater in the CONJURING universe. The CONJURING films were flat out terrifying. ANNABELLE: CREATION was pretty good and very scary. The rest have been below average to terrible. This one falls in the "below average" category. 


One of the things that made the CONJURING films so horrifying is that they were based in the real life accounts of Ed and Lorraine Warren. Now, it seems like the film studio has decided to expand the universe in a much less realistic way, but probably one that is more commercial. 


This film essentially takes parts from several of the Warren accounts, puts them all together, and allows one ridiculously stupid teenager to unleash the demons of hell locked within by doing something ridiculous and stupid. 


Is this movie scary? a degree. It's more of a jump scare movie than anything really terrifying. That said, it does have a couple of moments that are very creepy and done well. 


Is this a good movie? Nope...not even close. It's stupid people doing stupid things instead of smart people doing the smart thing and still winding up in trouble. 


If you want a couple of scares this movie will satisfy, but this isn't one that is going to be in the top 10 of anyone's horror list. 


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Rated: R

Release Date: June 10, 2016

Director: James Wan

Stars: Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Madison Wolfe

Plot: Ed and Lorraine Warren travel to London to help a family dealing with a very powerful demon



Clint Says: Wait until after opening weekend, but see this in theaters



As I've said before, I am not a fan of most horror films because they are typically formulaic, lame, and completely unimaginative with hack gimmicks to make the crowd jump. This movie does not fall into that stereotype at all. This film is legitimately terrifying. 


If you are unaware of the story of Ed and Lorraine Warren read up on them and then you'll understand why this movie will make your skin crawl. I literally had chills running up my spine several times during the movie...that never happens to me while watching a horror flick. 


What makes this film so good is the realness of the characters' reactions. Sure there are the obligatory, go-down-into-the-dark-basement-alone moments, but most of the time they do what any self-respecting person would do. They run away! (By the way, there are several laugh-out-loud moments in this film). 


If you are a fan of horror films, go see this one right away.