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Rated: R
Release Date: June 16, 2021
Director: Patrick Hughes
Stars: Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson, Salma Hayek, Antonio Banderas
Plot: Michael, Darius, and Sonia are forced into one another's lives by a madman
Clint Says: Drop everything and see this in theaters now
Very rarely is a sequel as good as the original. Even more rare is when the sequel is better than the first. This movie can raise a toast to being night and day better than its predecessor. 
The first one was fun, but too long. This one is downright hilarious all the way through, never feels like it is dragging, and has a much better plot. 
Salma Hayek is the true star of this movie. She out-funnies Ryan Reynolds, she out-potty mouths Samuel L. Jackson, and she out-actions both of them. All the while being completely endearing and thoroughly wonderful.  
That is not to say that Reynolds and Jackson are lacking in any way. They are not. They bring everything to this film that we all hoped they would bring to the first one. And since the plot is so much better, the whole movie is a win. 
If you love wild and crazy action flicks and comedies, this is a must-see film. You will laugh until your jaw hurts, and you'll be interested in how things turn out as well. This will be one of the great popcorn flicks of the summer. So get out there and enjoy it.