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Rated: PG-13

Release Date: March 1, 2019

Director: Tyler Perry

Stars: Tyler Perry, Cassi Davis, Patrice Lovely

Plot: The whole family gets together for a funeral, but there is a lot of drama happening behind the scenes



Clint Says: Wait for the digital release



I was pleasantly surprised by this film. Typically, Tyler Perry doesn't like to bother with things like plot, or character development, or multiple takes to get a scene right. But he seems to have put a lot more effort into this MADEA film than the last couple. 


This film has several funny moments, some compelling drama, characters that the viewer can care about, and I didn't notice a single overdub of dialogue. For the first time in a long time I'm happy to say that this is a Tyler Perry film that is worth seeing. Now, that doesn't mean you should spend theater prices to see it, but when it is released digitally it will be worth the rental. 


Perry also discovered the magic of the editing room. Instead of having ad lib scenes that drag on seemingly endlessly, his "entourage" hit with their best jokes and then moved on quickly to something else. It's refreshing to see a MADEA film with good pacing.


This may be the best MADEA film since the original. It's not great by any stretch of the imagination, but it is funny enough and entertaining enough to make for a fun evening.


As always, stick around through the credits for the outtakes, they are the best part of the movie. 

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Rated: R

Release Date: March 30, 2018

Director: Tyler Perry

Stars: Taraji P. Henson, Lyriq Bent, Crystle Stewart

Plot: A woman feels like she has been the victim of a con by the man she loves



Clint Says: Wait for the digital release and make someone else rent it



I am a huge fan of Taraji P. Henson. She is amazing in just about every film she's ever been in. Even bad movies, she makes them better. That is until Tyler Perry put her in this stinker. Not even the great Henson can save ACRIMONY from being anything other than a ridiculous whirlwind of stupidity and poor film making.


Henson's character is so unlikable from the start that I never really cared if what she was saying was true or if she was crazy. And by the end of the movie I just wanted everyone to go away. If they died, fine. If they ran away, fine. Just get away from me.


There are several laugh-out-loud moments in this film. Unfortunately, there aren't supposed to be any. It's just that some of the things that are happening are so utterly ridiculous that you have to laugh. And, as with all of the other Tyler Perry films, there are so many continuity and plot mistakes that it's obvious he didn't care about the final product. If he doesn't care why should we.


Skip ACRIMONY or you might find you'll be divorcing yourself from the theater before the movie ends.

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Rated: PG-13

Release Date: October 20, 2017

Director: Tyler Perry

Stars: Tyler Perry, Diamond White, Taja V. Simpson, Inanna Sarkis

Plot: A girl sneaks out to go to a party, but she soon regrets her decision



Clint Says: Wait for the DVD and make someone else rent it



If you are looking for funny this movie will give it to you. If you are looking for a cohesive, slightly intelligent story, this is not the movie for you. 


Basically, this is a conduit for Tyler Perry to stand around and tell jokes. Literally half of the movie consists of long drawn out scenes where people are doing nothing but bantering back and forth about nothing to do with furthering the plot. They are funny jokes, but in the end they are useless.


Perhaps the biggest tragedy is that it is entirely obvious that Tyler Perry sees this as nothing more than a cash grab. There are several scenes where it is plain to see that they did one or two takes only and ended up having to use bad takes in the final cut. There are also a good 20 or 30 places where the voice over work doesn't match the character's lip movement. 


It's disappointing that Perry was okay with putting this product out and calling it good. The story is weak, the editing is bad, and the jokes get tired by the end. It does have several funny moments, but those don't make up for the below-average film this is.