Frequently Asked Questions


Do you really see all these movies?

Yes. I only review the films that I see. I go to about 3 movies, on average, every week. 


What is your method for reviewing a movie?

First and foremost I try to the best of my ability to walk into every screening giving the movie every opportunity to impress me and become my new favorite movie of all time. Second, I think about how the target audience of the movie would like it. For example, there is very little chance that I would be mesmerized by a CARE BEARS movie, but it may be the greatest film ever made for five year olds. I'm not going to give the film a bad review just because it didn't meet my tastes. Third, I take into account real movie-goers and the actual cost and time it takes to see a movie in theaters. There are a lot of movies that come out every year that are worth seeing, but not for $100 for a family of four. Unless a movie offers compelling reasons to actually see it on the big screen, I will tend to lead people towards waiting for the film to come out on DVD or streaming. Finally, I think about what the snobby, elitist film critics are probably going to say about the movie and I go in the opposite direction. Okay, not really. Well, maybe a little bit. 


How do you see all of these movies before everyone else?

There are a couple of ways this happens. First, movie companies want their films to have positive buzz before the film's release so they do sneak peek screenings in several markets a week or two before the movie is released. The marketing departments for the various movie companies invite me to the screenings. Second, I am a member of the BFCA (Broadcast Film Critic's Association). As we get closer to awards season, movie companies will mail us screeners (DVDs) of their films so we can see them in time for voting. 


What is your favorite movie?

It's a tie between THE PRINCESS BRIDE (I have the entire film memorized) and STAR WARS IV: A NEW HOPE. STAR WARS was the first movie I ever saw on the big screen and I was hooked.